Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring food and bottled water?
No, you may not bring food. You are allowed to bring one water bottle with you.

Once on base do I have to remain there until 4 p.m.?
You are free to come and go between the 9am and 4pm time frame on Saturday and Sunday, September 21st and 22nd. Please note that there will be heavy traffic to come aboard NAS Lemoore on air show days. We will make every attempt to lessen delays while entering or leaving the Air Show.

Can I bring lawn chairs and folding chairs?
Yes, we want you to be comfortable as you watch the entertainment. 

May I bring my pet?
No, only service animals will be permitted.

Will there be restrooms nearby for handicapped? 
Yes, there will be facilities available.

Will ATM's be available?
Yes, ATM's will be located in the spectator areas.

Where do I buy Flight Line Chalet the day of the airshow? 
The ticket booth for Flight Line Chalet tickets will be located near the chalet row section.

Where is the first aid station? 
The first aid station is located in... 

 Can we bring in picnic lunches and drinks?
No outside food or beverages allowed, but there are a large number of food vendors on the flight line with a huge assortment of different types of foods at very reasonable prices.

What time do the Blue Angels Perform?
The Blue Angels are tentatively scheduled to perform at 2:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

What time can I come on base on Saturday and Sunday?
On Saturday and Sunday, 21 and 22 September, the gates will open to the public at 7am.  Flying starts at about 10am and runs until 4pm.

Is there Special Needs seating?
Yes.  We have a very robust Special Needs effort at the show to include roving golf carts and a special seating area right near the action.  Please make sure your vehicle prominently displays a handicapped placard and you’ll be routed to special parking areas and met by our Special Needs transportation staff.

Where can I get a schedule of events and performers for the day so I know what time different acts are flying?
A detailed schedule and sequence of events will be available on this website in early September. As a general rule of thumb, flying will start around 10am. Between 10am and 11am you will see the National Anthem and several military demonstrations. After 12pm the pace of action will begin to increase, with the Blue Angels beginning their performance at 2:30 pm.

Food options?  Cash only?
There will be a large number of food vendors on the flight line during the show ranging from full meals (pizza, gyros, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc.) to specialty foods (ice cream, desserts, etc.) as well as beverages.  A good number of the vendors take credit cards or cash.  If you need cash while at the show, we’re planning on having ATMs available on the flight line for your use.

Child safe areas? Mother/child care/breastfeeding area?
The entire flight line and displays are designed for a very family-friendly, kid-safe environment.  All ages will find something they’re interested in.  We’ll also have the “Kids Fest” vendor that will sell wristbands to access a large number of jump houses, bungee jumpers, rock walls, etc.  We do not have a specific area set aside for breastfeeding but there are a number of shady areas for use.

Discourage Newborns?
Newborns don’t possess the ability to regulate their body temperature very well in hot or cold environments.  While they don’t produce much heat internally, they absorb it very well.  The conditions on the flight line during mid-March can sometimes be relatively mild but can also get rather warm, depending on forecast temperatures.  Also, there is a significant amount of jet noise associated with tactical aircraft and Blue Angel performances.  You would definitely want to consult with your pediatrician prior to bringing your newborn to the air show.

Photo restrictions?  There are no photo restrictions. Bring your camera!

For mothers, what items can be brought?
In general, the flight line is designed to be a family-friendly environment. Accordingly, our security procedures allow baby bags and strollers.  While all bags will be screened, our staff understands that baby bags will contain water or formula.  We also recommend hearing protection for smaller children.  For kids under 10, hearing protection in the form of ear muffs (like you’d see at a shooting range or loud workplace) seems to work best as they don’t generally like the foam earplugs that adults are used to.

Gate/security entry details?
There is one primary entry point onto the flight line equipped with TSA-style screening upon arrival.

Medical restrictions?
While there are no specific medical restrictions, the air show environment can be challenging for some, especially if it is warmer than normal.  Attending an air show can involve lots of walking and sometimes high temperatures.  We have a very robust medical presence on the flight line in the event of a medical emergency, but guests should use sound judgment based on pre-existing medical conditions or medications.

What are the static displays?
The Static Display list is still under development and we should have a good idea of who’s planning on attending by early September.

Can I bring marijuana/drugs with me?
While marijuana, for medical and recreational use, is legal in the state of California, it is not permitted on this federal installation. Please do not bring it with you to the base.

What am I allowed to bring with me?
All authorized items will be inspected prior to entering the flight line.  It is recommended that spectators minimize the number and size of authorized items to reduce the time required for inspection prior to access into the flight line area. The following items are permitted:

  • Cell Phones, Tablets And FRS Transceivers (May Be Asked To Turn Off / On)
  • Handheld Portable Televisions, Radios And Scanners
  • Small Fanny Packs And Purses
  • Cameras And Camcorders (Owners Should Not Load Film Prior To Entering The Show Area As They May Be Required To Open All Compartments At Security Checkpoints).
  • Camera Bags Will Be Searched Upon Entry
  • Folding Chairs And Lawn Chairs (Chairs In Bags Subject To Search)
  • Umbrellas And Sunshades (No Larger Than 40” Arc Size)
  • Wheelchairs

What is not allowed on the base?
In order to keep possibly dangerous items outside the flight line, ALL bags will be inspected as you come through flight line entry points and all individuals are subject to search. To keep delays to a minimum, remember that the following items are not permitted on to the flight line and may be confiscated:

  • Ice Chests Or Coolers. While Ice Chests/Coolers Are NOT Permitted An Exception Will Be Made For Medically Necessary Items After Proper Inspection At A Specified Lane At Each Gate. Medical Marijuana Is Not Permitted Anywhere On The Installation; Please Do Not Bring It To The Base.
  • Large Bags (Bags Larger Than A Large Purse Or Diaper Bag), Duffle Bags, Briefcases
  • Backpacks
  • All Weapons (Regardless Of Permit) Including: Firearms, Knives (Including Pocket Knives And Multi-Tools), Walking Sticks (Except For Handicap Use) And All Other Items That The Security Force Deems Dangerous.  Any Confiscated Items Will Not Be Returned.
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Pets (Other Than Service Animals)
  • Glass Containers
  • Bicycles, Roller Skates, Roller Blades Or Skateboards
  • No Outside Food And Beverage
  • Tents, Portable Or Temporary Awnings, Cabanas, Umbrellas (No Larger Than 40” Arc Size)
  • Kites
  • All Illegal Drugs, Including Marijuana Whether For Medical Or Recreational Use, Are Not Allowed On The Base; Please Do Not Bring These Items With You
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